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Schnauzer Puppies

  Note: All puppies are adopted as pets with LIMITED AKC registration. There are no exceptions to this policy.
        AKC Inspected and found in 100% Compliance as of 2/17/2014!

Page Updated on 8/03/2020

We currently do not have any pups available at this time.  Our next breedings (matings) will occur in August.  After that we will be breeding 2 possibly 3 more girls in September/October and we are taking deposits at this time for those litters as the August breedings waiting list is already full.

Waiting List
White, Black/Silver Female pup - Donna
Male pup - Sara & Jason
Any color but Salt/Pepper Stella/Rocket Female pup - Brandon
Liver Parti Female Stella/Rocket or Ripley/Mojo Female pup   - Anne
Female pup Stella/Rocket - Kristin
Streudal 2/Mojo Female pup - Denise & Doug
White, Brown, Black Male pup - Nicole
Liver/Tan, Black/Silver, White Mojo/Streudal 2 pup - Michael
Black, Black/Silver, Liver Pepper - Honey
Black, Black/Silver - Michele
Liver/Tan Female Summer 2021 baby - Bev
Any Color/Either Sex Pup - Rebecca
Liver/Tan Female Greta/Rocket - Margie
Female Pup - Rocket/Streudal Summer 2021 - Resa

Planned Breedings
(Month/Year Planned Breeding to Occur)
Stella/Rocket - Late July/August 2020
Streudal2/Mojo - August 2020
Peanut/Rocket - September/October 2020
Greta/Rocket - Late October 2020
Ripley/Mojo - Late October 2020


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