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Past Puppies 3

Here we have to say goodbye to our babies, but know that their forever homes will give them the greatest love and care.

Nuria, Fabrizio & Bruno with Luna

Luna lives in Rock Hill SC
Mesa/Houston pup

Heather & Kiyah Gray

Kiyah Gray lives in Whiteville NC
Mesa/Houston pup

Mesa with her new family

Mesa lives in Monroe NC
(Torrie/Tempest puppy/Dame to Greta)

Pat and Ginger

Ginger lives in Indian Trail with Missy another WFB baby
(Luna/Memphis pup)

LaShari, Robyn, Levi & Louie

Levi & Louie live in Concord, NC
(Roxie/Houston pups)

Alyssa & Maximus

Maximus lives in Raeford, NC
(Roxie/Houston pup)

Sharon, Zoey & Jada

Zoey lives in Riegelwood, NC
(Roxie/Houston pup)

Memphis & Katie

Memphis lives in Garner NC

Kevin, Sadie & Pat

Sadie lives in Cary, NC
(Roxie/Houston pup)

John, Judy & Tater

Tater lives in Clemmons, NC

Dawn & Monte

Monte lives in Advance, NC with Tego
Dixie/Houston pup

Camille & Louie

Louie lives in New Orleans
(Roxie/Houston pup)

Richard & Winston

Winston lives in Kernersville, NC
Dixie/Houston pup

Debra & Reno

Reno lives in Charlotte, NC

Randy, Jeanette and Nugget

Nugget lives in Charlotte, NC
Luna/Houston pup

John, Judy and Maverick

Maverick lives in Clemmons, NC

Renee, Morgan,Taylor and Charleston Boo

Charleston Boo lives in Charlotte, NC
Dixie/Houston pup

Melanie and Dixie

Dixie lives with Willow in Mocksville, NC

 Frank, Darcy and Woodrow (Woody)

 Woody lives in Fair Play, SC
Peanut/Navy Seal pup

Heidi, Charis and Tic-Tac

Tic-Tac lives in Hickory, NC
Peanut/Navy Seal pup

 Jeb, Jenah and Triton

Triton lives in Auburn, AL
Peanut/Navy Seal Pup

Renee, Morgan,Taylor, Charleston Boo and Sable

Sable and best buddy Charleston Boo in Charlotte, NC
(Roxie pup)

 Jamie and Winnie

Winnie lives in Arlington, VA
Roxie pup

Kimberly, John, Zoey Grace and Dixie May

Dixie May and Zoey Grace live in New Paris, OH
(Roxie pups)

 Beverly and Mali

Mali lives in Frankfurt Germany
Roxie pup

Carolyn and Houston

Houston & Libby live in Charlotte, NC

Nathan, Kendall, Ericka, Kaelyn & Shiloh

Shiloh lives in Waxhaw, NC
Greta/Rocket pup

Anne and Gidget

Gidget lives in Bolivia, NC
Gidget is a  Greta/Rocket pup

Brett, Jess & Brody

Brody lives in Huntersville, NC
Cashew/Rocket pup

Joanne, Terry and Idris

Idris lives in Fayetteville, NC
Idris is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Kaleigh, Jackson, Trey, Stacey, Robert, Ashleigh & Jensen

Jensen lives in Rock Hill, SC
Cashew/Rocket pup

Lori, Morgan, Mark, Winston & Lucy

Lucy lives in Charlotte, NC
Lucy is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Patricia & Gracie

Gracie lives in Wilmington NC
Cashew/Rocket pup

Sarah, Miriam & Mellie

Mellie and Triton live in Auburn AL
Mellie is a Greta/Rocket pup

Piper & Elizabeth

Piper lives in Wilmington, NC
Peanut/Rocket pup

Dara, Steve & Gabby

Gabby lives in Williamston, NC
Gabby is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Katelyn, Kristin & Cora

Cora lives in Vanceboro, NC with Hank & Lola
Peanut/Rocket pup

Ken, Rowena, Abigail, Harper & Lily

Lily lives in Charlotte, NC
Lily is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Jaamar, Michele, Jaelyn & Milo

Milo lives in Gastonia, NC
Peanut/Rocket pup

Randy, Jeanette & Shadow

Shadow lives in Charlotte, NC with Nugget
Shadow is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Tocarra, Darron & Theodore

Theodore lives in Charlotte, NC
Peanut/Rocket pup

Diana & Luna

Luna lives in Matthews, NC

Future pic of Bailey's Family

Bailey lives in Charlotte, NC

Jackie & Bono

Bono lives in Dallas, TX
Bono is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Colleen, Jeff, Bayleigh, Skylar & Marci

Marci lives in Sumter, SC
Marci is a Roxie/Rocket pup

John, Teresa & Stella Monroe

Stella Monroe lives in Gastonia, NC
Roxie/Rocket pup

Angie, Colton, Alexa & Ramsay

Ramsay lives in Matthews, NC
Ramsey is a Roxie/Rocket pup

Kevin, Dawn & Oscar

Oscar lives in Davidson, NC
Roxie/Rocket pup

Aaron, Hannah & Mali

Mali lives in Oakboro, NC
Mali is a Roxie/Rocket pup

Aldina, Kennedy & Juniper

Juniper lives in Hope Mills, NC
Ripli/Rocket pup

Sara & Gracie

Gracie and Bowen live in Mt Pleasant, SC
Gracie is a Ripli/Rocket pup

Lyla, Michaela, Vanezza & Leo

Leo lives in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Peanut/Rocket pup

Harrison, Patra, Banks, Bocca & Ed

Bocca lives in Concord, NC
Bocca is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Ava,  Maggie, Sara, Maverick & Ella

Maggie & Maverick lives in Advance, NC
with cousin Bentley visiting
Maggie is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Sandy, Fritzi Nestles & Wayne

Fritzi Nestles lives in Charlotte, NC
Fritzi is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Sara & Gremi

Gremi lives in Hampstead, NC
Gremi is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Dee, Sabre & Butch

Sabre lives in Mooresville, NC
Peanut/Rocket pup

Debbie, Tony & Roxie

Roxie lives in Mt Holly, NC

Becky & Bentley

Bentley lives in Advance, NC
visiting with his cousin and uncle
Cashew/Rocket pup

George, Loretta & Bryce

Bryce lives in Monroe, NC
Bryce is a Cashew/Rocket pup

JoAnn & Missy 3.0

Missy 3.0 lives in Taylors, SC
Ripli/Rocket pup

Lisa & Elsa

Elsa lives in Jonesville, NC
Elsa is a Ripli/Rocket pup

Lawrence, Cameron, Pierre & Eleanor

Pierre lives in Douglasville, GA
Ripli/Rocket pup

Christopher & Neo

Neo lives in Charlotte, NC
Greta/Mojo pup

Brandon, Connor, Eryn, Chelsey & Charmaine

Chelsey with Oscar live in Waxhaw, NC
Greta/Mojo pup

Abby & Lulu

Lulu lives in Disputanta, VA
Greta/Mojo pup

Doug, Bailey And Izzy

Izzy live in Columbia, SC
Izzy  is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Chris, LeeAnna & Breezy

Breezy lives in Charlotte, NC
Breezy is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Arlene And Coco

Coco lives in Chino, CA with her new buddy Frankie
Coco is a Peanut/Mojo pup

Nickey And Miso (aka Mojo)

Miso lives in Charlotte, NC

Doug, Denise And Poppy

Poppy lives in Fort Mill, SC
Poppy is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Donna And Marta

Marta lives in Indian Trail, NC
Marta is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Roland, Chylene And Fritz

Fritz lives in Charlotte, NC
Fritz is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Kim, Frank And Cassie

Cassie lives in Scotts, NC
Cassie is a Peanut/Rocket pup

David, Maryanne And Lucky

Lucky lives in Fort Mill, SC
Lucky is a Stella/Rocket pup

Jodi And Bear

Bear lives in Abermarle, NC
Bear is a Stella/Rocket pup

Yomaira And Luna

Luna lives in Cornelius, NC
Luna is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Nicole, Chloe And Winston

Winston lives in Stallings, NC
Winston is a Stella/Rocket pup

Michele, Harlow And Heaven

Heaven lives in Concord, NC
Heaven is a Stella/Rocket pup

Saulo, Gabriela And Dolly

Dolly lives in Holly Springs, NC
Dolly is a Peanut/Rocket pup

JoAnn, Kibby And Phoebe

Phoebe live in Madison, MS
Phoebe is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Grace, Louis Vuitton And Fendi

Fendi lives in Shelbyville, TN
Fendi is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Margie And Mandy

Mandy lives in Coraopolis, PA
Mandy is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Jacqueline, David and Otto

Otto lives in Lancaster, SC
Otto is a Ripli/Rocket pup

MaryAnne, Lucky, David and Chip

Chip lives with Lucky in Fort Mill, SC
Chip is a Ripli/Rocket pup

Rebecca and Poppy

Poppy lives with Molly Mae in Durham, NC
Poppy is a Ripli/Rocket pup

Resa and Streudal

Streudal lives with Missy in Taylors, SC

Crystal, Wendy and Lexy

Lexy lives in Sanford, NC
Lexy is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Amber and Finn

Finn lives in Lake City, SC
Finn is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Laurie and Allie

Allie lives in Charlotte, NC
Allie is a Cashew/Rocket pup

Larry, Janie and Smokey Blue

Smokey Blue lives in Gastonia, NC
Smokey Blue is a Ripli/Rocket pup

Angel, Mary and Zeus

Zeus lives in Charlotte, NC
Zeus is a Ripli/Rocket pup

Denise and Axle

Axle lives in Wingate, NC
Axle is a Stella/Rocket pup

 Sherry, Jax and Fred

Jax lives in Walhalla, SC
Jax is a Stella/Rocket pup

Mary, Apollo, Angel and Zeus

Apollo lives in Charlotte, NC with Zeus
Apollo is a Stella/Rocket pup

Amber and Echo

Echo lives in Laurens, SC
Echo is a Stella/Rocket pup

Charlotte and Stella

Stella lives in Waxhaw, NC with Mesa & Minnie

Diane and Ripli

Ripli lives in Columbia, SC

Jackie, James and Barli

Barli lives in San Marcos, TX with big bro Bo
Barli is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Linda and Quincy

Quincy lives in Charlotte, NC
Quincy is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Wendy, Patrick and Winnie

Winnie lives in Spartanburg, SC
Winnie is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Suman and Callie

Callie lives in Cary, NC
Callie is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Jan and Katie

Katie lives in Charlotte, NC
Katie is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Tricia, Malachai, Ashton, Saniyah, Moriah and Branch

Branch lives in Lancaster, SC
Branch is a Piper/Rocket pup

Tommy, Stephanie, Brianis, Ciroc, Mojito and Mimosa

Mimosa lives in Upper Marlborough, MD
Mimosa is a Piper/Rocket pup

Mike, Patty and Marley

Marley lives in Denver, NC with Ziggy
Marley is a Piper/Rocket pup

Nicole and Coco

Coco lives in Florida
Coco is a Piper/Rocket pup

Sylvia and Cashew

Cashew lives in Charlotte, NC
Cashew is a Mimi/Houston pup

Al, Billie and Nikita

Nikita lives in Sanford, NC with Loki
Nikita is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Al, Mary and Autumn Hope

Autumn Hope lives in Myrtle Beach, SC
Autumn Hope is a Peanut/Rocket pup

Leah, Kyle and Dunkin

Dunkin lives in Cornelius, NC
Dunkin is a Maggie/Rocket pup

Amelia and Bandit new best friends

Bandit & Dougie lives in Lancaster, SC

Larry, Odin, Kate and Liza

Odin lives in Goldvein, VA
Odin is a Piper/Rocket pup

Karen and Milo

Milo lives in Fayetteville, NC
Milo is a Piper/Rocket pup

Kelly and Maxwell

Maxwell lives in High Point, NC
Maxwell is a Rango/Roda pup

Mallory and Rebar

Rebar lives in Jefferson, NC
Rebar is a Pandy/Rocket pup

Crystal, Tegan and Wendy

Tegan lives in Sandford, NC
Tegan is a Pandy/Rocket pup

Tucker and Christopher

Tucker lives in Asheville, NC
Tucker is a Pandy/Rocket pup

Alfredia and Gatsby

Gatsby lives in Charlotte, NC
Gatsby is a Piper/Cato pup

Ashley, Ace and Marquis

Ace lives in Hope Mills, NC
Ace is a Piper/Cato pup

Michele, Quincy, Harlow and Heaven

Quincy lives in Concord, NC
Quincy is a Piper/Cato pup

Kelly and Roxie

Roxie lives in Jefferson, NC with her new brother Rebar
Roxie is a Piper/Cato pup

Chantelle and Princess Cailey

Princess Cailey lives in Lexington, NC
Princess Cailey is a Piper/Cato pup

Gizmo, Dave, Vee & Rocket

Rocket lives in Mooresville, NC

Scott and Jax

Jax lives in Wingate, NC
Jax is a Pandy/Cato pup

Linda and Ember

Ember lives in Laurinburg, NC
Ember is a Pandy/Cato pup


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